Sharding for Security and Scalability

Rekor, sigstore’s transparency log, recently reached an important milestone in its v0.6 release: it now supports log sharding.  Log sharding means that the entries associated with a single Rekor server can now be distributed among multiple backend logs, which...

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Introducing MicroShift

Exploring a small form factor OpenShift designed for field deployed edge computing devices Edge Computing spans a broad range of use cases and deployment models. On one end, it can refer to micro data centers located in controlled environments that are formed by a...

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What is a Trusted Computing Base?

What does it mean for a system or component to be “trusted” in the world of computer systems?  And why does it matter? In this post, we’ll provide an overview of what a Trusted Computing Base (TCB) is and provide a framework for how to evaluate a TCB’s security....

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