SPIFFE/SPIRE on Red Hat OpenShift

Zero trust is becoming a norm as organizations look to enhance the security posture of their workloads in cloud environments. A core principle of the zero trust approach is the ability to prove and verify identity for all - whether these entities are inside or outside...

Evaluating the performance of Large Language Models

In the field of natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLMs) have become crucial for various applications. These models are widely adopted by enterprises, signaling a shift in how we use and gain insights from available data. However, putting these...

Istio ambient mode with Red Hat OpenShift

Istio ambient refers to a new mode for the Istio service mesh, the upstream project behind Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh. This article provides an overview and some technical analysis of this emerging technology. Note that the ambient mode is currently in the alpha...

Welcome to Red Hat Emerging Technologies

Here you’ll find information about the emerging technology projects the Red Hat Office of the CTO is working on. For us, “emerging technologies” refers to those technologies that are still taking shape in the enterprise or even in research communities. Emerging technologies engineering is pre-product, purely upstream work. Not everything you see here will become part of the Red Hat portfolio roadmap, but we want to share this information with our customers and partners and encourage your participation. At Red Hat, we love to co-create with open source communities, partners and customers. We look forward to you engaging with us and providing your ideas and feedback on these projects.


Device Management UI

Web UI frontend for Device Management API. Should be integrate-able as a UI app in ACM (or c.rh.c.) frontend container.