NVIDIA Jetson Orin Device Enablement

Working with the RHEL team to enable Red Hat Enterprise Linux to support Orin platforms and improve overall support for ARM. This base enablement is a prereq for supporting Microshift on these devices. Additional work includes enabling NVIDIA’s out of tree software...

Expanded Support of OTEL Collector

Distributed Tracing team has added Jiras for expanding support for OpenTelemetry Collector as a standalone component. See https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OBSDA-470 RHEL Subscription is in the final review for use of OpenTelemtry Collector with added support for the...

Out of Tree Driver Automation for Edge Devices

Automate the production of development RPMs for the out of tree drivers provided by NVIDIA for the Orin product line. It also addresses the testing of these RPMs in real devices.

Edge Observability Validated Patterns

Collaborating across multiple teams to generate automated deployment architectures and best practices for observability at the edge. This addresses multiple customer use cases, including OTC with Kepler at the edge and ABB edgenius.

Next Gen Compute Architecture

Invest in an open source fabric manager, that could later be productized by Red Hat, to enable multiple hardware vendors offerings to interoperate. Work with the hardware vendors to get alignment on the fabric manager.