This SaaS addresses IP connectivity across hybrid environments: public clouds, private data centers, and Edge. Several challenges make seamless connectivity in these environments challenging, including NAT, Firewalls, and process challenges due to devices being...

Device Management UI

Web UI frontend for Device Management API. Should be integrate-able as a UI app in ACM (or c.rh.c.) frontend container.

EKHO – Extending Kernel Hardware Offload

Use Netlink and BPF to enable hardware offload from Linux kernel via user space helpers. Provide a notification path to user space for kernel notifiers. Enable new types of kernel offload beyond the current scope of what Kernel offload APIs support.

Next Gen Compute Architecture

Invest in an open source fabric manager, that could later be productized by Red Hat, to enable multiple hardware vendors offerings to interoperate. Work with the hardware vendors to get alignment on the fabric manager.

Edge Observability Validated Patterns

Collaborating across multiple teams to generate automated deployment architectures and best practices for observability at the edge. This addresses multiple customer use cases, including OTC with Kepler at the edge and ABB edgenius.