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Red Hat NEXT! 2022 Session Recap

If you missed the Red Hat NEXT! event back in September, or if you just want to refresh your memory on some of the amazing content that was presented there, here's a complete listing of all of the talks. Follow the links to see the recordings on the Red Hat Community...

The Future of AI, Security, and the Edge

In recent years, “edge devices” have evolved from simple IoT sensors to autonomous drones driven by powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software. Similarly, the processes to develop and deploy AI software to “the edge” have also seen a rapid evolution. Today, data...

Using machine learning and analytics to help developers

It was the talk title that caught my eye - “Developer Insights: ML and Analytics on src/”. I was intrigued. I had a few ideas of how machine learning techniques could be used on source code, but I was curious to see what the state of the art looked like now. I...

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