What’s next: A glimpse of the future

Red Hat Next! Online Edition will be held on February 25th, 2021, from 10:00am US Central time to 12:30 US Central time, Registration is open. William Gibson wrote “the future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” For software companies like Red Hat,...

Crimson: evolving Ceph for high performance NVMe

At the time when Ceph was originally designed, the storage landscape was quite different from what we see now. Initially, Ceph was deployed generally on conventional spinning disks capable of a few hundred IOPS of random IO. Since then, storage technology has...

CI/CD without borders: recent improvements to multi-vendor solution testing

Based on the platform nature of many Red Hat products, our engineering teams are in continuous collaboration with many of our ecosystem partners. Recent collaborations in the solution testing have resulted in noticeable improvements to our core partner continuous...

Welcome to Red Hat Emerging Technologies

Here you’ll find information about the emerging technology projects the Red Hat Office of the CTO is working on. For us, “emerging technologies” refers to those technologies that are still taking shape in the enterprise or even in research communities. Emerging technologies engineering is pre-product, purely upstream work. Not everything you see here will become part of the Red Hat portfolio roadmap, but we want to share this information with our customers and partners and encourage your participation. At Red Hat, we love to co-create with open source communities, partners and customers. We look forward to you engaging with us and providing your ideas and feedback on these projects.


app netutils Repository

In an effort to enable DPDK applications to be run in a container, this repo contains a set of library functions to


A Go library for Northbound and Southbound OVN DB access using the native OVSDB protocol. Project ...