CI/CD without borders: recent improvements to multi-vendor solution testing

Based on the platform nature of many Red Hat products, our engineering teams are in continuous collaboration with many of our ecosystem partners. Recent collaborations in the solution testing have resulted in noticeable improvements to our core partner continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools known as Distributed CI (DCI).

As software systems continue to grow more complex, distributed in development, and dependent upon services and virtualization components from different vendors, CI/CD has become critical to maintaining software stability. While applicable to all customers in general, the individual requirements of the telco customer make working together ahead of multi-vendor solution testing and delivery critical.  More and more, customers expect that marketed partnerships translate into multi-vendor solutions that operate as if they are delivered from one company.

Red Hat’s now+Next blog includes posts that discuss technologies that are under active development in upstream open source communities and at Red Hat. We believe in sharing early and often the things we’re working on, but we want to note that unless otherwise stated the technologies and how-tos shared here aren’t part of supported products, nor promised to be in the future.

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