Red Hat’s Open Source AI Vision

by | Feb 28, 2019 | AI

Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI represent a fundamental transformation that over the coming decade will affect every aspect of society, business, and industry. It will fundamentally change, how we interact with computers – and how we develop, maintain, and operate systems. It’s impact will be visible in our part of the universe much sooner than for the analog world. This deeply affects both open source in general, as well as Red Hat, its ecosystem, and customer base.

In this video from the inaugural DevConf.US 2018, Daniel Riek who leads the AI Center of Excellence in Red Hat Office of the CTO, talks about this coming change.


“The biggest change since the industrial revolution,” says Daniel Riek.  “Rather than humans understanding relationships and encoding them, machines now are deriving the decisions from the data itself.”

This talk provides a perspective on Red Hat’s thinking around AI in the broadest sense.