Charting New Territories with Red Hat

In this video from Red Hat Summit 2018, Red Hat Chief Technology Officer Chris Wright gives a view into the future direction of Red Hat technologies.

Chris begins with an overview of how Red Hat’s product pipeline starts by focusing on the technologies identified as useful for creating platforms for customers’ own success. ┬áThese technologies are distilled from the “innovation engine” of the open source development model.

In the latter half of the presentation, Chris provides context and some depth for new territories that Red Hat technologists are focusing on for customers via the open source development model. Some of these areas are covered in other talks that follow in this video series.

Overall, Chris as CTO highlights a number of directions Red Hat platforms are evolving in support of what is being communicated by customers. For example, a key area of focus for Red Hat is improving operations efficiency with the Operator Framework (model/pattern).

The overview includes a discussion on improving user, operator, and developer experiences via reducing friction in the application lifecycle. ┬áThis perpetual “pursuit of excellence” encompasses many areas: development (business value as code), management (operations by policy), and the platform in the middle supporting any application, anywhere.

With a focus on open source as the source of technological innovation, Chris introduces a high-level overview of a short array of topics. Many of these topics are expanded on by other technologists in videos that will follow:

  • Serverless / FaaS
  • Microservices Service Mesh
  • Blockchain
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • 5G & mobile edge computing
  • Networking
  • Security

This talk is closed captioned in English.

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