Device Management service

A frequent question from customers and Red Hat field teams interested in our products for the device edge (RHEL 4 Edge, RHDE, RHIVOS) is “How do we manage these devices at scale?” and “What about on-prem, disconnected customers?”

Whereas we have two answers for how to build ostree images for devices (the Image Builder service on as well as AAP with the osbuild collection + Satellite for on-prem), for the actual management of large fleets of devices we currently only have the Edge Management service on, but no equivalent on-prem story. Also, we lack functionality for managing devices at the fleet-level (instead of individual device level).

Further, we have customers who need to manage both OpenShift edge clusters and RHEL edge devices (with or without MicroShift) and we have AAP customers without Kubernetes expertise who each want an integrated experience that feels “native” to them.

This project is supporting our BUs and product engineering teams in exploring short- and long-term options for providing an on-prem, integrated management, driven from concrete customer demand.

Project Contact

Frank Zdarsky

Distinguished Engineer