Going to Red Hat Summit? Here’s where to find Red Hat Research and Emerging Technologies

by | May 16, 2023 | Edge Computing, Hybrid Cloud, Sustainability

Engineers and researchers from the Red Hat Research and Emerging Technologies groups will feature recent work and a glimpse of where open source technology will go next at the upcoming Red Hat Summit, May 23-25. Interactive sessions, hands-on labs, and demos include cutting-edge research that can solve challenges in resource utilization, performance, energy efficiency, analytics, and more. A pre-recorded virtual presentation will introduce the New England Research Cloud, a collaborative effort that includes participants from Red Hat Research and our university partners, and explain how institutions can come together to build a common computing platform.

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Defining the Future with Red Hat
Distinguished Engineer and Director of Emerging Technologies Erin Boyd will join Senior Principle Software Engineer Kris Murphy for an interactive session to discuss what’s happening next in open source and how it intersects with the needs of enterprise companies with critical workloads in public and private clouds. Erin and Kris will introduce and demonstrate technologies being investigated within the Office of the CTO at Red Hat.

Workload cloud cost forecasting and optimization
Ilya Kolchinsky, Research Supervisor with Red Hat Research, will be a co-presenter for this interactive session and live demo, with Pau Garcia Quiles, Principal Product Manager—Technical, Red Hat Insights, and Tihomir Hadzhiev, Senior Product Manager. Ilya will present the Cloud Cost Optimizer, a joint project of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and Red Hat Research. A research prototype of a general-purpose tool for reducing cloud costs, CCO is considered for productization as a part of Red Hat Insights. Presenters will discuss how Red Hat can help overcome common challenges such as forecasting costs, selecting optimal deployment locations, and mapping resources to workloads.

Emerging technologies for measuring carbon emissions
Huamin Chen, Senior Principal Software Engineer, will lead an interactive session with Cara Delia, Principal Community Architect, Vincent Caldeira, Chief Technology Officer (APAC), Sandro Mazziotta, Director of CTO Customer-led Open Innovation. They will present a series of community-driven cloud-native technologies that measure and optimize workload energy consumption and lower carbon footprint and demonstrate deployment and management on an OpenShift cluster running in the public cloud.

Use Kepler to measure container energy consumption
Senior Principal Software Engineers Parul Singh and Huamin Chen will lead a lab offering hands-on experience with Kepler, our machine learning (ML)-based Red Hat OpenShift workload energy estimator. See how Kepler can turn workload activities into energy consumption metrics.

Supercharge your developer portal with Red Hat Integration
Principal Software Engineer Tom Coufal and Distinguished Architect Andrew Block will introduce integrations from the Backstage ecosystem into various Red Hat offerings. Backstage is a leading developer portal solution, and the software catalog is the focal point for how software within an organization is tracked. The session will demonstrate how these integrations will help users jumpstart building developer portals for their teams.

Predicting failure and anomalies in mechanical devices operating at the edge
Software engineering intern Christina Xu is part of the research team demonstrating how to create, train, and deploy failure prediction algorithms and models using real-time mechanical device data, along with Senior Principal Data Engineering Architect Guillaume Moutier, Senior Principal Software Engineer Audrey Reznik, and Sr Architect Joseph(Eli) Guidera (self-employed). In this hands-on lab, users will be able to access a web UI where they can choose which water pump they wish to monitor and get a real-time graph that shows alerts warning that a failure is imminent and create a data science application for the edge.

Virtual presentation: New England Research Cloud
Product Manager Gagan Kumar joins Scott Yokel, University Research Computing Officer at Harvard University, and Wayne Gilmore, Executive Director of Research Computing at Boston University, to present the New England Research Cloud (NERC). Gagan leads a conversation about the need for a shared cloud computing platform for research purposes, the value of NERC compared to the commercial cloud, the value of OpenStack and OpenShift for research IT, the role of NERC in education, and how other institutions can replicate the NERC environment.