Transforming IT Operations: A Roadmap

by | Feb 8, 2019 | AI, Developer Productivity

Digital transformation is more than just a fancy buzzword. With 85 percent of Global 2000 CEOs believing in digital innovation as a driver of business success, it is estimated that nearly $2.1 trillion will be invested in digital transformation technologies in 2019.

According to Mary Johnston Turner, Director, Management Software BU Evangelism,  the drivers to digital transformation are going to play a significant role in driving IT decision-making for the near-term future. Turner outlined the significant driving factors in her 2018 Summit breakout session “Transforming IT Ops: The future of IT automation & management.”


In her talk, Johnston outlined the five key factors disrupting IT operations today. These included:

  • Developer-driving digital business, including practices such as DevOps
  • Hybrid-cloud environments, along with container management and orchestration
  • Advanced automation, where formerly siloed devices and roles are now controlled by automation rules that bridge control surfaces
  • Next-generation infrastructure, primarily geared for the compute-at-edge infrastructure of Internet of Things
  • AI Ops, which collects the wealth of incoming data, with the goal of applying predictive analytics and machine learning to manage patterns and not individual events

Because of these disruptive factors, IT Ops are racing to improve operational agility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, while ensuring that security, performance, and cost requirements are maintained for traditional IT and emerging container and serverless platforms.

To learn more about how Red Hat plans to innovate in the IT operations space, watch the video.