Introducing the Red Hat Summit Office of the CTO Sessions

by | May 3, 2018 | Trust

At the first signs of Spring, all Red Hatters turn at least one eye toward Red Hat Summit. Over the years, we’ve had many conversations with attendees about what kind of information and perspectives they’d like to hear at Summit. We learned that attendees appreciated the actionable technical information they received, but that they were interested in getting some insight into Red Hat’s point of view on emerging technology trends and their thoughts on the future.  That was the motivation behind a new set of sessions from the Office of the CTO that we’re very excited to announce.

Will you be joining us in San Francisco? If so, make sure to check out some of our happenings onsite. Attendees will learn about Red Hat’s technology direction, research, innovation and products from Red Hat technology leaders within our Products & Technologies group. We’ve got some can’t-miss technical sessions on the docket, so be sure to add them to your personalized conference agenda.

New Office of the CTO Trail Map

This new future-focused set of sessions is sponsored by the Red Hat Office of the CTO. It offers more than 15 sessions and birds-of-a feather, including presentations and interactive panels that will help you to plan and evolve your IT strategies and roadmaps around key technologies.

Here’s a list of all our Office of the CTO sessions focused on our vision and strategy in key technology areas:

Tuesday, 08-May
10:30 AM S2502 – Charting new territories with Red Hat Chris Wright
10:30 AM S2500 – Clouds today, serverless tomorrow: Your future apps and platforms Stephanos Bacon
11:45 AM S1652 – Red Hat Research: The Future Is Open Miki Kenneth, Hugh Brock
3:30 PM S9973 – Getting strategic about security Mike Bursell
3:30 PM S1840 – Kubernetes and the Platforms of the future Steve Watt, Clayton Coleman, and Brandon Philips
Wednesday, 09-May
3:30 PM S1254 – Red Hat’s AI Strategy Daniel Riek
Thursday, 10-May
11:15 AM S2501 – 10 trends reshaping the developer experience Brad Micklea
11:15 AM P1013 – Insiders’ Insights on the Top 3 Industry Trends Mike Bursell (Red Hat)

Katrina Novakovic (Red Hat)

Daniel Riek (Red Hat)

Steve Watt (Red Hat)

Brent Holden (Red Hat)

1:00 PM S2505 – Transforming IT Ops: The Future of IT Automation & Management Mary Johnston Turner

Want to learn more? Dive even deeper with these focused breakouts and mini-sessions around containers, networking, artificial intelligence and more:

Tuesday, 08-May
11:45 AM S1060 – Next Generation Container Technology Daniel Walsh
12:10 PM M1718 – Exploring Application Portability Across Clouds Using Kubernetes Ivan Font, Lindsey Tulloch
4:30 PM S2503 – The future of networking at Red Hat Andre Fredette
Wednesday, 09-May
10:30 AM M1140 – Blockchain: how to identify good use cases Bruno Ciscato
3:30 PM S1259 – How the future of storage is shaping our technology strategy Sage Weil
4:30 PM P1046 – Building open infrastructure with advanced computing technologies Yan Fisher (Red Hat)
Scott Herold (Red Hat)
Thursday, 10-May
2:00 PM M1251 – AI/ML makes processor architecture important, again Ulrich Drepper

And join us in these birds-of-a-feather (BOFs) to discuss the latest trends and give us your feedback on key areas:

Tuesday, 08-May
4:30 PM B2504 – Social Impact of AI Daniel Riek (Red Hat)
Kim Palko (Red Hat)
Wednesday, 09-May
3:30 PM B1048 – Provenance and Deployment Policy Vincent Batts (Red Hat)
Thursday, 10-May
11:15 AM B1009 – Connecting the Power of Data Security and Privacy Jamie de Vries (Red Hat), Brian Klemm (Red Hat)

These sessions are only the tip of the iceberg of the content you’ll find at this year’s Red Hat Summit. There are hundreds of other sessions, hands-on labs, and more. Check out the agenda: