LinuxKit is a toolkit for building custom minimal, immutable Linux distributions.

Secure defaults without compromising usability Everything is replaceable and customisable Immutable infrastructure applied to building Linux distributions Completely stateless, but persistent storage can be attached Easy tooling, with easy iteration Built with containers, for running containers Designed to create reproducible builds [WIP] Designed for building and running clustered applications, including but not limited to container orchestration such as Docker or Kubernetes Designed from the experience of building Docker Editions, but redesigned as a general-purpose toolkit Designed to be managed by external tooling, such as Infrakit (renamed to deploykit which has been archived in 2019) or similar tools Includes a set of longer-term collaborative projects in various stages of development to innovate on kernel and userspace changes, particularly around security LinuxKit currently supports the x86_64, arm64, and s390x architectures on a variety of platforms, both as virtual machines and baremetal.

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Dave Tucker